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 Colt understands that relationships are built on trust, integrity and a clear comprehension of business controls and processes. Many customers rely upon facility audits to determine how materials are processed throughout our facilities. This resource center provides some basic information regarding our capabilities and can answer many of those questions. Feel free to download the documents for review. Please call if you have additional questions or require more information.

Marketing Flyers

Outright Purchasing of E-Scrap (88.69 KB)
At Colt Recycling we offer a straightforward and accountable service to E-Scrap generators.
Outright Purchasing of Precious Metal Scrap (1.24 MB)
At Colt Recycling we offer a straightforward and cost effective solution to generators of PM bearing electronic scrap.
Need it Shredded? (814.01 KB)
Does your company need secure destruction? Colt Recycling operates a 300HP high volume state of the art EScrap shredding system.
Colt Recycling and Refining Slide Show (769.54 KB)

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