How can I be sure my e-scrap is being handled properly?

Colt and all of it’s downstream vendors are completely auditable. We welcome you to tour our facility and audit us as you see fit.

Can Colt Recycling offer secure data destruction?

Yes. We can have a highly secure facility and the ability to track your material from the time of receipt to the point of destruction.

What items do you pay for and what items do you charge to take?

It's best to call for current prices for the material that you have. This is because pricing varies based on the different commodities markets such as copper, aluminum, gold, silver etc.

Will any of my material ever end up in a landfill?

No. Colt follows a very strict “No Landfill” policy.

How many pounds of material does Colt process annually?

In 2012 Colt Recycling processed over 42 million pounds of material

What materials will Colt accept?

Colt Recycling accepts items such as: printed circuit boards, PC’s, power supplies, copper wire, telecom equipment, test equipment, Hard drives, networking equipment etc. Feel free to call us at 603-886-9119 if you have questions about your material.

Can Colt provide transportation for my material?

Colt can arrange for pick-up at the customers site but the customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Can Colt provide a certificate of destruction?

Yes, we can also provide a certificate of recycling.

What material cannot be accepted by Colt Recycling?

Light bulbs and hazardous material.

Does Colt Refining accept Hazardous waste?

Yes, Colt Refining processes many classifications of hazardous wastes for precious metal recovery.