Outright Purchase Plan

CRI makes it easy to turn your scrap silver into cash. With our Outright Purchase Plan (OPP) you lock in your price before you ship your silver to us. The Outright Purchase Plan guarantees you a 72-hour lock-in price… and payment within 3-4 days.

A simple, three-step process takes the guesswork out of turning your silver flake into cash.

Step 1

Estimate the quality of your silver flake (clean, slightly dirty, or dirty), then weigh it.

Step 2

Call us at (603) 429-9966 for the daily price.

Step 3

Package your silver flake as you always do and send it to us.

Please note that there is a 10 lb. minimum weight requirement.

That's all there is to it. Select the payment option that best meets your needs:

  • Check, or wire transfer within 72 hours, or
  • Recovered precious metals credited to your account for later liquidation.

For more information or to confirm your purchase, agreement please call our sales department at (603) 429-9966.

There's never been a better time to turn your silver flake into cash.

Outright Purchase Terms And Fees

Payment Guarantee - Payment will be Post Marked no later than 72 hours ( 3 working days) from date of receipt and verification. If not we will add $25.00 to your next outright purchase shipment !

72 Hour Lock In Price from date of confirmation. You MUST call the Sales Department to confirm outright purchase agreement.

The Following Fees Will Apply:

  1. $30.00 Wire Transfer Fee
  2. $15.00 Express Mail Check Fee
  3. Metal return fee depending on the type of metal being returned (call for quote)

This program can not be used with any other promotion special.

Terms and Fees Subject To Change Without Notice