Why Colt Recycling?

Colt Recycling is capable of processing materials for a wide array of industries. Our 75,000 square foot recycling facility processes over 20 million pounds of electronic material each year. Colt’s unique processing system provides more value to their customers by strategically separating the E-Scrap into by-product feedstock readily accepted into mills, smelters or Colt's refining facility in Merrimack, NH. Our unique solutions coupled with high quality customer service and very competitive pricing, differentiates us from other recyclers.

Colt “IP” differentiates us from the competition

The Colt management team has decades of E-Scrap and Precious Metals recycling experience. We studied the available shredding and separation technology in the marketplace for years before designing and building a system that cost effectively processes a very complex group of materials. Our “Intellectual Property” consists of equipment, process and markets for the commodity streams we create. This enables us to provide a cost effective and environmentally correct solution to generators of E-Scrap.

Downstream Concerns?

Not with Colt Recycling. We take computer and electronic equipment and turn it into raw material feedstock. This eliminates risk for the customer and maximizes the inherent value of the separated materials. Simply put – why would generators of E-Scrap settle for anything less than an auditable process that introduces raw materials back into the recycling marketplace?

One-Stop Domestic Solution

Offering Asset Recovery Services, Integrated E-Scrap Shredding and Separation, Metals Recycling, Precious Metal Refining and Component Level Remarketing. We can tailor a program that meets the needs of a wide array of customers.

Customer Service

Our customer service is customer centric. We know all of our customers are not the same and that many have special requirements, that’s why with every customer we work together to generate a customer specific Recycling Program. By doing so any and all of your company requirements for a recycling program can be met, and documented. You know exactly what’s happening, every step of the way.

Asset Management

With Colt, you can leave the Recycling to the Recycling Experts. Our E-waste technicians are trained to assess not just real-time values of your excess assets but compositions and breakdowns as well. With this information available at your fingertips, one can know exactly what you have, what happens to it, and where it goes.

Quick Turnarounds

With our state of the art material handling procedures, Processing of material happens fast. And for those who prefer such programs we offer Out-right purchasing of selected assets and precious metal bearing materials.

I have to say, that I am very pleased with the Service at Colt. The turn around for payment is incredible and the ease of logistics is wonderful. I am happy that we decided to try this relationship.

Audra Jones

Security Engineered Machinery